Close Quarter Combat specializes in navigating in an urban environment, house-to-house combat and room clearing by selective shooting.

This course is taught in a variety of environments using different means and facilities.
  • Day and night, open and stealthy urban navigation
  • Command and Control
  • Real-world simulations
  • House-to-house and room-to-room combat using paintball
  • Large complex search-and-clear and room-to-room combat using blanks and Simunition
  • Single operator, pairs, fours and full team training
Training includes:

Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Drills:
  • Dry fire drills – Squad formation, signals, basic entry method and room clearing
  • Live fire drills – Basic Entry Method and room clearing, individual, pairs and squad drills

Acquaintance and training on the following:
  • Sniping (M110)
  • Navigation (GPS and Google Earth)
  • Explosive breaching and shotgun
  • Counter Sabotage EOD
  • Night Vision driving

Close Quarter Battle (CQB) night drills using NVGs
  • CQB dry fire drills
  • CQB live-fire drills
  • CQB live-fire drills combining with “explosive” breaching
  • Sniper night training
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