Here is what you need to know as a gun owner in Israel

Gun License Renewal

In Israel, gun licenses need to be renewed every three years.

A few months before your gun license expires, you will receive a message from MOPS (the Ministry of Public Security) with a reminder to renew your license.

The renewal process can be completed online here. The payment for the license can be made online as well.

Once the payment is paid is made you’ll need to print out the payment receipt along with the license renewal forms to bring with you to the shooting range.

Then you will give us a call to join one of our renewal training sessions. Appointments need to be made in advance to ensure that there is room for you in the group.

You will also need to bring the below documents:

  • A letter from your doctor

  • Your current gun license

When you sign in we will check that the details of the license match the weapon and your declaration that you meet the justification requirements for holding a weapon.

The training session will involve firearm training as well as going over the different laws and requirements of a gun holder in Israel.

Refresher Course

A year-and-a-half after you get your gun license or after you renew your license, you will need to take a refresher course.

This course is similar to the gun renewal course except you don't need to pay a fee or bring a letter from the doctor. You do need to bring 
You can take the refresher course at Caliber 3 after making a reservation in advance. 

Bring with you this form and your gun license. 

Have a question or want to make a reservation?
Give us a call at 02-6734334

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