Caliber 3’s Basic Counter-Terror training program is specifically designed for those units in the police, army and security personnel that are responsible for responding to any terror situation.

Utilizing a combination of classroom and in-field training, individuals learn critical tactical skills and how to quickly obtain situational awareness to maximize their effectiveness when responding to a terrorist attack.
Caliber 3 security instructors provide thorough and complete theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical and physical skills based on years of real-world experience confronting these threats.

The course is run by the best instructors Caliber 3 securities have in the field of combat, self-defense and survival & navigation. We bring our years of experience as being the subcontractor training company of different public entities in Israel.

Caliber 3 trains individuals how to quickly obtain situational awareness and then effectively utilize those learning's to gain an advantage over the attackers


The course covers:

  • Combat Theory Training
  • Team Training
  • Pistol & Rifle Training
  • Krav Maga


We also instruct special units in their own facilities and territory.

All of the instructors come from command positions in IDF counter-terrorism units.

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