Caliber3’s VIP security training services are delivered by an elite team of active VIP security bodyguards who understand the required capabilities and tactical tools to efficiently protect their clients. Our courses are aimed at protecting businessmen, celebrities and Heads of State and our trainees will develop skills in:

  • Basic Principles of VIP Protection

  • Combat Shooting as a Bodyguard

  • Escape and Recovery

  • Principles of Identifying Suspects

  • Getting a VIP out of crowded area

  • Protecting a VIP in motion


This training is specifically geared towards the VIP protection of officers and security personnel. It provides the critical skills as well as the unique mindset to maximize their effectiveness. Whether dealing with a threat who may become combative, or responding to a threat, trained personnel must be capable of accurately judging when and how to respond and by what means.
Caliber 3 security instructors provide thorough and complete theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical and physical skills based on years of real-world experience confronting these threats.

The training will be run by the best instructors Caliber 3 securities have in the field of combat, self-defense and survival & navigation. We bring our years of experience as being the subcontractor training company of different public entities in Israel

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