Close Quarter Combat specializes in navigating in an urban environment, house-to-house combat and room clearing by selective shooting.

Training objectives

  • Advanced performance using a variety of weapons
  • Acquire practical operational tools to increase professional abilities
  • Learn Israeli training methods and operational logic
  • Improve individual shooting skills
  • Train instincts to respond better under pressure
  • Krav maga skills
The course provides participants with hands-on training provided in the following areas:

Self-Defense Training:

  • Defense against knife attacks from above or below
  • Freeing oneself from various holds - strangle, front, side, and back
  • Aggressively utilizing hands and feet
  • Defense against an attacker with a club or baton
  • Defense against a close-range pistol assault
  • Defense against two assailants - unarmed and with knives and clubs
  • Fighting close to ground and on the floor
  • Krav Maga close-quarter
  • Learning vulnerable body points
  • Takedowns of individuals or pairs
  • Dealing with riot situations
  • Utilizing a weapon
  • Simulations – Bus, automobile, urban area

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