A year-and-a-half after you get your gun license, or after you renew your gun license, you will need to take a refresher course, or reanun (רענון). 
You'll receive a message on your phone and possibly documents in the mail notifying you about the refresher course.

This course is similar to the gun renewal course except you don't need to pay a fee or bring a letter from the doctor. 

You can take the refresher course at Caliber 3 after making a reservation in advance. 

License Renewal and License Refresher training
Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday:
Monday and Wednesday:

What to bring?

  • Your gun
  • Your gun license
  • Two magazines
  • This form
  • Sneakers or other closed-toe shoes

Have a question or want to make a reservation?
Give us a call at 02-6734334

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