Colonel Sharon Gat  
Founder, Owner and CEO

Sharon Gat is a Colonel in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Special Forces unit, and the founder of the largest Counter Terrorism, Security & Defense Academy in Israel.
Col. Gat has commanded Special Operation Units in Lebanon; the West Bank; and the Gaza Strip; and has served as a commander of Special Forces battalions and regiments in four wars, leading over 20,000 troops. In addition, Col. Gat was selected by the IDF and Israel Defense Ministry to establish and lead a special Counter Terrorism Project for high-risk areas. 

Col. Gat's  experience led him to develop a unique Counter Terror, Security, and Defense Philosophy, which he translated into training regimes used today by the Israel Defense Forces;The Israeli Police; The Israeli Railroad System; and Civilian Community Defense Programs throughout Israel.

Col. Gat has received many awards and recognitions for his work in fighting crime and terrorism in Israel, including the Excellence Service Certificate, awarded him in 2015 by the President of Israel.
Col. Gat is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a PhD candidate at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv.

Itzik Fuchs
Vice President & COO

In his role as Chief Operating Officer of the Caliber 3 Academy of Counter Terrorism, Defense & Security, Itzik oversees a staff of about 100 employees and contactors; manages their employment contracts; defines the firms procurement policies; and is resonsible for Corporate Assets, Facilities Maintenance, and Premises Security.

Additionally, Itzik is responsible for the Financial Management of Caliber 3's Weapons and Ammunition Sales; for Customer Communications; for Civilian Relations; and for Corporate Relations with respect to The Israel Ministry of Internal Security and The Israel Police. Itizk is also a certified Shooting Range Manager in charge of the procedures for securing Caliber 3 Ranges, Weapons and our Ammunition Inventory. 

Before taking on the role of Caliber 3 COO, Itzik served as CEO of the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI), an "independent center of thought and planning for shaping strategy for the Jewish people, in Israel and the diaspora". With over 15 years of experience managing a large staff and complex systems and processes, Itzik has launnched and managed many projects and initiatives for JPPI and for Ariel Univerity. Projects include managment of prestigious JPPI programs delivered to Senior Officers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF); delivery of academic courses in Marketing Systems to thousands of Ariel University students and captians of Israeli industries, including the heads of: Rafael; Bezeq; Israel Electric; and Celcom.

Izik earned a BA in Industrial Psychology and an MBA from Ariel University, and serves as a reserve officer in the Benjamin Brigade of the IDF. He has also, for many years, been a member of local Emergency First Responder teams.

Eitan Vilozne
Head Instructor

Eitan has over 15 years of experience as both an active security officer and instructor. Prior to joining Caliber 3 Eitan served in a variety of security roles, such as a Deputy Commander of a Special Rapid Response Team, a bodyguard in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, and as a combat shooting instructor at Ben Gurion Airport, the most protected airport on the planet.

Alex Baramba
Senior Combat & Krav Maga Instructor

Alex Baramba is a military and civilian counter-terror and security professional, and active reservist in an elite IDF unit, with over 15 years of experience working in both private and government security. Prior to joining Caliber 3 seven years ago, Alex worked for the Ministry of Defense, and commanded a security unit protecting public transportation.
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