The course provides participants with a holistic approach to individual security that includes both classroom and hands-on training in the following areas:
  • Advanced SWAT team combat
  • high building crises, hostage situation in buses and trains
  • Advanced Practical and Tactical Training
  • Advanced Combat Pistol and Assault Rifle Technique
  • Vehicle Combat


  • Acquire practical operational tools to increase professional performance in both weapon and hand-to-hand combat
  • Learn Israeli training methods and operational logic
  • Train instincts to respond better under pressure
  • Improve individual and team combat skills and tactics
Caliber 3 trains individuals how to quickly obtain situational awareness and then effectively utilize those learning's to gain an advantage over the attackers

  • Combat Theory Training
  • Working quickly in stealth
  • Prioritization and identification of targets
  • Identifying and taking advantage of weak points
  • Speed, accuracy, and teamwork
  • Operating in various environments
  • Weapon selection based on various scenarios
  • Explosives


Working in teams requires increased communication and coordination. Caliber 3’s basic course provides realistic scenarios specifically constructed to provide trainees with the core team fundamentals. 

Team Training:

  • Formations of 2, 4, 6 individuals
  • Building/Room entry & clearing
  • Working in close quarters
  • Operating in public areas
  • Communication between team members
  • Multiple target acquisition
  • Reconnaissance
  • High building emergencies
  • Multiple threats

Pistol & Rifle Training:

  • Israeli Point-and-Shoot Method
  • Instinctive and Selective Shooting
  • Shooting from Cover
  • Weapons Malfunctions and Jams
  • Transition from Primary to Secondary Weapon
  • Tactical Magazine Changes in Combat
  • Multiple Shooting Positions
  • Team Combat Tactics
  • Fighting in Complex Areas
  • Sniper training

Advanced krav maga

Krav Maga is an aggressive type of martial art used by security forces in Israel and abroad. Our Krav Maga lessons are unique in the sense that our instructors’ backgrounds come from top counter-terror units in IDF teaching military and counter-terror Krav Maga which is not widely taught overseas.

  • Aggressiveness & Hand to Hand Combat
  • Control & Restraint Techniques
  • Searching a Suspect
  • Takedowns
  • Multiple Opponents
  • Edged Weapons Defense
  • Blunt Weapons Defense
  • Body & weapon combination
  • Team Defense Against an Assailant

The course provides participants with hands-on training provided in the following areas:

Self-Defense Training:

  •  Defense against knife attacks from above or below
  • Freeing oneself from various holds - strangle, front, side, and back
  • Aggressively utilizing hands and feet
  • Defense against an attacker with a club or baton
  • Defense against a close-range pistol assault
  • Defense against two assailants - unarmed and with knives and clubs
  • Fighting close to the ground and on the floor
  • Krav Maga close-quarter
  • Learning vulnerable body points
  • Takedowns of individuals or pairs
  • Dealing with riot situations
  • Utilizing a weapon
  • Simulations – Bus, automobile, urban area
  • Concluding exercises


Vehicle combat training provides trainees experience in various vehicles within various terrain while addressing various complex challenges.

  • Shooting From a Moving Vehicle
  • Using Vehicle as a Weapon
  • Using Vehicle as Cover
  • Suspected Suicide Bomber Vehicle
  • Combat on Public Transport
  • Stopping and Searching Vehicles
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