This course is specifically geared towards VIP protection officers and security personnel. It provides the critical skills and unique mindset to maximize the training's effectiveness.

Whether dealing with a threat who may become combative or responding to a threat, trained personnel must be capable of accurately judging when and how to respond and by what means.

The course will be run by the best instructors Caliber 3 securities have in the field of combat, self-defense and survival & navigation. We bring our years of experience as being the subcontractor training company of different public entities in Israel.

Course Objectives: 
  • Practical operations tools to increase professional performance in both weapon and hand-to-hand combat
  • Israeli training methods and operational logic for VIP protection
  • Instincts to respond better under pressure
  • Individual and team VIP skills and tactics

The course provides participants with a holistic approach to individual security that includes both classroom and hands-on training in the following areas:

  • Basic VIP Protection
  • Basic Tactical Firearms (guns + rifles)
  • Basic Self Defense/Krav Maga
  • Basic Combat Theory
  • Basic Practical and Tactical Training

Develop skills in:

  • Basic Principles of VIP Protection
  • Combat Shooting as a Bodyguard
  • Escape and Recovery
  • Principles of Identifying Suspects
  • Getting a VIP out of crowded area
  • Protecting a VIP in motion

Tactical Firearms

Our courses are characterized by an active approach to bringing the latest innovation used by current serving members of the IDF.

Pistol & Rifle Training

  • Israeli Point-and-Shoot Method
  • Instinctive and Selective Shooting
  • Shooting from Cover
  • Weapons Malfunctions and Jams
  • Transition from Primary to Secondary Weapon
  • Tactical Magazine Changes in Combat
  • Multiple Shooting Positions

Self Defense/ krav maga

Krav Maga is an aggressive type of martial art used by security forces in Israel and abroad.

  • Aggressiveness & hand to hand combat
  • Control & restrain techniques
  • Searching a suspect
  • Takedowns
  • Edged Weapons Defense
  • Blunt Weapons Defense

Vehicle Combat Techniques

  • Shooting from a moving vehicle
  • Engaging the Enemy form a moving car
  • Stopping a suspicious car
  • Shooting positions from and around a vehicle car
  • Suspected Suicide bomber Vehicle

Operational Driving

  • Driving in bad conditions
  • Gain better control of the vehicle in emergency situations
  • Learn how to plan your route correctly
  • Learn new techniques of controlling the vehicle
  • Learn to use the vehicle as a weapon
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