A competitive activity where players eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs.
From high-speed matches to organized scenarios, players enjoy diverse gameplay on various exciting scenarios.

Learn from our experienced combat instructors how to move, attack and defend in a close-quarter battle environment using paintball guns.

Practice room entry techniques, how to clear a room and how to fight in complex urban terrain.

Use your new skills to complete missions and compete against your friends.

This program takes place in a professional outdoor urban combat training facility which can be arranged to simulate different types of environments.

6-9 people
80 paintballs - $45 per person
100 paintballs - $50 per person

10+ people
80 paintballs - $30 per person
100 paintballs - $35 per person

  • Appropriate for ages 12+, a separate training program is available for children who are under age or do not meet minimum size requirements
  • Bring closed shoes and long clothes, all other safety equipment is supplied
  • This activity requires a minimum of 10 participants
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