At Caliber 3 we know that in current times, seaports and ships are exposed to many threats. Our experience shows that professional training for any type of threat together with operational experience is reflected in better protection for seaports and ships.

Training Goals for Maritime Security:

  • Acquiring practical operational tools in order to increase professional performances.
  • Experience the Israeli unique training methods and operational logic.
  • Improve individual security and combat skills.
  • Change the mindset of the trainee.
  • Sharpen his or her reflexes.

Course contents:

  • Basic and advanced Krav Maga
  • Basic V.I.P Protection on a yacht
  • Guarding simulations, plan of action
  • Protection of the ship at any price
  • IED(Improvise, Ejective, Device)
  • Final exercises and simulation
  • Fighting on board techniques

Krav Maga – Defensive Tactics

  • Combat philosophy & mindset
  • Aggressiveness & Hand to Hand Combat
  • Control & Restraint Techniques
  • Searching a Suspect
  • Suicide bomber takeover
  • Takedowns
  • Multiple Opponents

Krav Maga – Self defense

  • Edged Weapons Defense
  • Blunt Weapons Defense
  • Disarming the Armed Opponent
  • Body & weapon combination
  • Team Defense Against an Assailant

Assault Rifle

  • Israeli point-shoot method
  • Instinctive & selective shooting
  • Shooting from cover on the ship
  • Shooting from elevated location to lower (from the ship to sea level)
  • Multiple shooting positions as shooting from difficult situations
  • Transition from Primary to Secondary Weapon
  • Weapons Malfunctions & Jams
  • Multiple Targets
  • Prioritization of Targets in Combat
  • Shooting while the ship is moving
  • CQB Tactics on board
  • Shooting at night from the ship

Combat Pistol Shooting

  • Principles of the “Israeli point-shoot method”
  • Instinctive & selective shooting
  • Shooting from cover
  • Multiple shooting positions
  • Drawing the pistol from concealed positions
  • Prioritization of targets in combat
  • Crowd crossing techniques in a ship during combat
  • Target selection & shooting on the ship
  • Jams & weapons malfunctions
  • Team combat tactics & room-clearing on ship
  • Shooting at night from the ship

Israeli Combat Techniques

  • Entry Technique
  • Cover work
  • Room Clearing on the ship
  • Surprise Drills

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