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Learn more about the brave young soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Force through this stunning pictorial masterpiece compiled by Israeli photographer, Oren Cohen! Within the glossy pages of this gorgeous hardcover book, you’ll find incredible full-colored, high-resolution photographs illustrating the authentic lifestyle of a soldier serving in IDF, as well as meaningful commentaries and illuminating observations by Oren Cohen that truly bring to life what it’s like to be a defender of Israel. Sure to make a great addition to any library and a wonderful gift for any occasion, this amazing book is a must-have for anyone who stands in solidarity with Israel.
About the author

Oren Cohen's dream was to be a photographer.
After years of serving in the IDF as an officer in an elite combat unit. Oren shed his uniform, and started shooting with a camera, rather than a gun. His passion was, and to this day remains, to document the daily events and faces that influence and forever change his beloved country, Israel. Cohen was a rising news photographer in Israel's capitol Jerusalem for several years, documenting bombing attacka and government officials, when they refined his dream and tapped into documentary photography, which he defines as "spontaneous, real and pose-free." For Cohen, this book combines documentry photography with his devotion, admiration and love to the Israeli Defense Forces. Oren holds in a BA in Photography, Film and TV from Hadassah University in Jerusalem.
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