A few days ago a customer came to Caliber 3 to purchase his first gun. He had done some research in advance, spoke to friends, and came prepared to buy a Glock 17.

Unfortunately, when the Glock 17 was in his hands it was clear that this was not the right gun for this customer. He couldn’t grip it comfortably, and he struggled to rack the slide and release the trigger.

We brought out a selection of other guns that we thought would be a good fit, but this customer insisted that only a Glock 17 would do. Eventually, we did manage to talk him into trying out some of the other options just to see how they feel.

By the end of his visit the customer was a satisfied owner of a Ramon. It wasn’t a Glock 17 but it perfectly matched his needs.

Choosing your first gun can seem a bit daunting, but the first thing to keep in mind is that one size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a gun. The perfect gun for your friend or spouse is not necessarily the perfect one for you.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gun:

  1. Size: Guns come in all sizes, and one of the best places to start when choosing a gun is deciding on the size that you prefer. You’ll want a gun that’s comfortable in your hands - not too big or too small- and which isn’t too heavy for you to carry on a regular basis.

  2. Ease of Use: Next, if you’re considering a semi-automatic pistol, you’ll want to make sure that you can comfortably rack the slide and pull the trigger on the gun. With some guns this can be very challenging. When trying out guns, take the time to rack the slide and pull the trigger on each one, eliminating those that require a lot of effort (and cost you a pinched finger or two).

  3. Purpose: It’s also very important to consider the purpose of getting a firearm. If you live or regularly drive in a dangerous area, then you will want a gun that can hold a substantial number of bullets. Some guns hold 5 bullets, while others can hold 17.If you intend to just keep the gun in your house to protect your home, then a heavier gun may be fine for you.

  4. Appeal: Your gun will be your new companion, likely on you at all times, so it should appeal to you both physically and visually. Additonally, if you like the way it looks and feels, you’ll be more likely to enjoy taking the time to regularly train with it, which is important.

  5. Price point: A gun is usually something you buy only once in your life, so it’s worth spending the money to get one that really checks all your boxes. That being said, you still need to consider which firearm meets your budget. You may need to pick and choose which features are the most important to you if it helps lower the cost, but don’t choose your gun solely on the price as you may end up with a gun that lives in its safe because you don’t enjoy having it around.

When you come to Caliber 3 to purchase a firearm we’ll help you identify the factors that are most important to you and select the best gun for your needs. Just remember to keep an open mind, because the gun that you think you want may not be the one that suits you best.
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