Itzik Fuchs
Chief Operating Officer

In his position as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Itzik manages a staff of about 100 employees in labor and wage contracts, designs company procurement policies, is responsible for the company's assets and maintenance of buildings and for the security and safety systems of the company as a school for training and combating terrorism.

Itzik is also responsible for managing the arms and ammunition trade in civil and corporate affairs with the Ministry of Internal Security and the Israel Police, and managing the range and inventory as a certified range inspector. In addition, Itzik is responsible for customer relations and manages the company's commerce. 

Prior to serving in this position, Itzik served as CEO of The Jewish Statesmanship Center, an institute dedicated to training leaders with stature, breadth and personal skills to lead society and the state of Israel.

With over 15 years of experience in managing complex systems, staff and processes, he has established and managed diverse projects and ventures at the Jewish Statesmanship Center and Ariel University.

The projects include the leadership of the Jewish Statesmanship Center as an approved institute that transfers leadership programs in the IDF to senior officers in prestigious programs in the military, the institutional marketing system at Ariel University with academic programs for thousands of workers in the economy from leading companies including Raphael, Bezeq, electricity company, Cellcom and more.

Itzik holds an MBA in Business Administration and a BA in Organizational Psychology from Ariel University.

He also serves as a reserve officer in the Binyamin Brigade and has been a member of the local first response team for many years
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