Col. Sharon Gat
Founder, Owner and CEO
Sharon Gat

Col. Sharon Gat is a Colonel in the IDF Special Forces unit and the founder of the largest counter-terror and security academy in Israel.

He has commanded special operation units in Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and served as a commander for special forces battalion and regiment in four wars, leading over 20,000 troops.

In addition. Col. Gat was selected the IDF and Defense Ministry to establish and lead a special counter-terrorism project in high-risk areas.

This experience led Col. Gat to the development of unique theories and training regimes which are in use today by the Israeli police, the IDF, the Israeli Railroad System and civilian community defense program
Col. Gat has received many awards and recognitions for his work in fighting crime and counter-terrorism in Israel, including the Excellence Service Certificate, awarded in 2015 by the President of Israel.

Col. Gat is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem a PhD candidate at Bar–Ilan University, Tel Aviv
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